About the Opportunity Details Screen

This screen can be accessed via Opportunities from the top menu, where you can see more about prospects and their needs for your services. 

Opportunity Details

This section provides a general insight into the nature of the prospect's requirements. As well as learning a little about the company itself, this section will detail the kind of services that would value, and how getting in touch could result in a beneficial working relationship. 

Company Details

This is a quick point of reference to know more about the company to whom the prospect belongs. This section provides useful details such as location and company head count. The feedback section (discussed later in this article) allows you to provide feedback to determine whether the company is the right kind of fit for your business or not. 

Prospect Details

Here, you will learn the need-to-knows about the prospect which allows you to get in touch. It will also indicate their role in the business, which can also be based on the Job Titles you may have added in Search Criteria 

Your Feedback

This section allows you to use our 5-Star Rating System to let us know how relevant the opportunity and company is for you. Our research and account management team constantly review this feedback to improve the opportunities they provide to you over time. 

You can use recommended outreach as a point of reference for striking up a conversation with a new prospect. We're adding to these all of the time to make it ever-easier for you to build new relationships.

Opportunity Status

You can attribute a status to each opportunity based on the stage you're at. These will reflect in the overview in the Opportunities, where you can sort by status.


Finally, you can add any notes which maybe of use to you within this section.

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