When you log into your Meet Hugo account, you will find a list of all the opportunities that have been assigned to you. Each opportunity displays the following: 

  • The type of opportunity it is (RFP/Tender, Intel, Job Move or Buying Signal
  • The company, value of the project, location and closing date of the opportunity 
  • The status - this can be unread, open, contacted, closed, won, lost or archive
  • An option to “view” the opportunity so you can read further details about the project, find the prospect’s contact details, the company’s details, an option to give feedback, templates you can use to contact the prospect and an option to change the status of the opportunity

At the top of the page, you can see the total amount of opportunities that you have viewed and the total amount that you are still yet to view. Here, you can also apply a filter so you can see the most relevant opportunities at the top of the list, in regards to their type, value, closing date or status.  

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