Our opportunities come from a wide variety of sources. Learn more about how it works in this article.

Our Methods

When it comes to conducting research, we work in two ways simultaneously. Firstly, we have a suite of artificial intelligence tools that we’ve developed to understand the businesses we work with, so that it can automatically identify potential opportunities digitally. By tracking thousands of businesses and constantly adding new businesses to our database, we're able to pinpoint the activity taking place that indicates when prospects need your services.

We also have a team of researchers who manually speak to businesses, look into industries, and also screen and manually check every potential opportunity that the AI helps to discover.

Our Procurement Networks 

We are constantly speaking to businesses every week to find out what’s happening in their world, and to understand their plans so that we can use our intelligence and networks to understand where the real opportunities lie.

We also have procurement focussed landing pages, to ensure we attract inbound enquiries to us from verified companies who are looking to get work done.

Our Intelligence Types

With the likes of Tenders and New Decision Maker, our AI does a lot of the heavy lifting, and our researchers vet the opportunities to make sure they’re completely relevant for our businesses. Intel and Buying Signals look at the specific activity and motivations of decision makers that indicate that they need your services either now, or reasonably soon. 

As you’ll probably now know, we focus heavily on quality – we don’t want to send you opportunities that aren’t relevant to your business as that’s a waste of everyone's time. Our team are business experts compiled from a range of industries, and we go the extra mile to understand your ideal client and deliver the relevant opportunities for you.

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