Your Search Criteria is used by our research team to provide relevant opportunities for your business. You can reach this by navigating to Search Criteria from the top menu. Once your search criteria has been completed, we'll begin providing opportunities within 1-2 working days. This can be tweaked at any time, and our account management team will be in touch should any areas of this section need extra clarification.

Your Services

The best way for us to understand the kind of services you provide is for us to see these in a list. Tag the relevant services you provide to your clients. You can also advise on your most common/primary services via the Notes for Our Researchers section.

Locations You Cover

Select the locations where you would like us to find prospects for you. These are regionally split for your ease of use. Simply select a geographical sector on the left and select the locations that apply.  If you work in all locations, click Select All/None.

Opportunity Types

We provide a range of different opportunity types as part of the Meet Hugo service. We typically advise you keep all these selected during the beginning of your time with us, but you are welcome to turn certain opportunity types off if they aren't applicable to you. 

Client Sectors

If you work in specific sectors, you can list them and our team can research for prospects accordingly. If your business is industry agnostic or typically works across several sectors/industries, you can select All Sectors.

Prospect Job Titles

If you find yourself regularly working with certain decision makers in your existing projects, you're welcome to add these job titles within this section, such as CEO, Manager or Head of Department, for example. 

Your Budgets

You can set budgets you typically work to. This includes both project budgets and monthly budgets (p/m). The opportunities we find for your business will then fit within these budget brackets, as will any estimated budgets.

Notes for Our Research Team

Completing Your Search Criteria gives us a really strong indication of the kind of prospects and projects you're looking for. Of course, our provided fields can give us plenty of context about the kind of business you are and the clients you serve, but the Notes for Our Research Team section is also invaluable to us. 

Add anything that you feel empowers our research team to hone in on the relevance of the opportunities they provide to you. This might be a preference on locations, projects, or even more about the typical buying behaviours and activities of your clients.

If you've got any other questions for us at this stage, feel free to browse our articles in the Getting Started section, or get in touch via the chat. We're always happy to help. Thanks for using Meet Hugo!

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