We know that each business is different  - so you can tailor your brief to receive only the specific opportunity types that apply to your business and the services you offer. 

Our research team can also feed back to you and let you know which opportunities they believe will be of best use to your business if you are unsure. 


Intel is publicly stated information, where a prospect/company is specifically looking for someone to deliver a service to them. Our researchers source this from our own inbound procurement network as well as using a range of systems and tools to track further intelligence. 

Buying Signals

Buying Signals are strong indicators that a company is in a position where they will require your services either now or in the future. We track hundreds of thousands of businesses, allowing us to determine when there is a significant change in activity that is likely to result in a buying requirement. 


An RFP/tender is publicly stated information, where an element of proposal writing and bidding is required to win the project. 

These are typically for larger organisations from a combination of the public and private sector. The value to you is that we reduce the arduous time spent seeing if a tender is relevant, and we remove the unnecessary paywalls which you would need to pay for each month.

New Decision Maker

New Decision Maker inform you of when a key decision maker has moved to a new role recently. With that move, there is often an associated new budget and an interest in hitting the ground running and really owning the role. 

As a result, these opportunities are a great chance to establish a relationship with the prospect, introduce your services and potentially work alongside them moving forwards.

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